Software Engineer (User Interface)

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 The UI position

* Enhance, and maintain User Interface framework
* Design UI and build end to end features
* Integrate and maintain third-party components
* Investigate and apply new technologies to enhance the product
* BS/MS with 5+ years of experience
* Experience using HTML/CSS, javascript, OOJavascript, JQuery, Prototype
* Experience in PHP, XML, MVC frameworks, database design
* Good UI design skills
* Knowledge of C/C++, Object Oriented technologies, web servers is a plus (notes: Modelling either or Java side or UI side)
* Knowledge of networking and work experience of building web applications for networking industry is a plus

Notes: Central Management Systems-Multiple Sites. Configure multiple systems-that will trigger alarms Definitely do not want a web site developer. They should be end to end web 
applications involving back end with database-they need to do reporting, Graphs etc.
DeciTech Consulting Inc
1155 Meridian Ave
Suite 204
San Jose, CA 95125

Job keywords/tags:  Design/Build/Enhance/maintain user Interface , PHP , XML , MVC frameworks , database design , OOJavascript , JQuery , Prototype
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DeciTech Consulting, Inc, will be providing referral reward to anyone who would like to refer a candidate to meet its requirements for various projects and client site requirement. For each successfully hired candidate, the company will be paying a reward up to $1000.00
In order to refer your candidate, please send the resume of the candidate to and we will reach out to them for any hiring possibility.
DeciTech Consulting, Inc is an E-verify company, and provides Full Time / Part Time opportunity to CPT / OPT / H1B / Green Card / Citizen, authorized to work.
DeciTech Consulting, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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