Decitech Consulting Specializes in Providing Customized technology and Business Solutions

The Company’s client  base spans  a number of Industry verticals across USA, a distinction that places the company  amongst  the leading technology consulting company.


Established in 2000 as a IT Software Services company , It is a testimony  to our professionalism  and our ability to provide  complex solutions, that we  are one  among the upcoming  IT Technology services company in USA.


Our  Major Clients Include CISCO SYSTEMS,  CITRIX SYSTEMS,  Electronic Arts,  RubberMaid  and several Technology start ups.


Our Solutions Offering:


IT Staffing for Client Software Projects with wide range of End-to-End Capabilities and Value added services That can grow with the business


-One stop solutions to our Technology Customers

-Resource Optimization and  lower costs

-Shorter turnaround time

-Better Documentation

-Customized Product Development

-Web application and Front End Development

-Long term/Short term Quality Assurance Testing

-Business process outsourcing.

-Mobile application development



Internet Services, Computer Security Engineering/Web

Database Systems Development: Another Area of technical skills is where we can provide an Internet Application/Systems Development. These skills cover areas such as technical analysis/design/implementation for Front End Clients, Backend Databases, E-Commerce/EDI, Internet Security, JAVA/ASP, J2EE, Client/Server, Database Modeling/Development for Internet Application, MS .Net/XP; Project Management/Planning Support and Analysis. We can develop turnkey web systems for clients, Assist in Web Hosting/Support, provide ISP connectivity, Support Wireless Communications Services/Development etc.

Telecommunications Technology: Expertise in many aspects of data communications such as wireless, audio/video data transmission, ISDN, E1/E3, T1/T3, Sonet, Ethernet, Secure

Satellite Communications, LANS, ATM, SNMP, WAP, MPEG protocols, RFS Analysis through design/ implementation, Cable and Cellular Communications, FAA Communication Systems etc.

Database Development Technologies: ORACLE, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Informix, CA ErWin, dbArtisian, Data Modeling/Design/Implementation/Support, ODBC Interfacing, 3- Tier Client/Server Database support/development etc. SQL/Stored Procedures Support/Development, Data Warehousing, Migration, etc.

Software Development Environment/Languages: UNIX/C++, JAVA, MS Visual Studio 6.0/.NET, Win/CE, COBOL Assemblers: Compaq Intel 80x80, MotorolaM680x0, “C”/C++, Java, Ada, FORTRAN, CMS-2M, UNIX/Posix, X Windows/Motif, Win/NT/98/ME/2K/XP, Win32 API, Multi-Threaded Coding, DCOM, OLE, ODBC, Remote Data Objects, Active/X, Lotus Notes, MS Visual C#/C++/Basic, Perl, Lex/Yacc (Compiler Tools), PeopleSoft, SAP R3/R4, ABAP etc. AIX, Irix, CRM, EDI.

Operating Systems: UNIX Internals, Win/NT, Linux, UNIX/Posix, VRTX, pSoS, QNX, Vax/VMS, AIX, Irix, etc.

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